Just a day after their crushing defeat in the round of 16, at the World Cup, Team USA's head coach, Jurgen Klinsmann, had some strong comments to make, when he took to the podium, Wednesday morning.

Klinsmann started by acknowledging that he believes his team was capable of winning the tournament. This was an unexpected change of tune from his original comments on his team's chances, before the World Cup got under way. He said, Wednesday, that saying they would win, coming in, would raise expectations far too high.

He was pleased to know, now, though that it is possible for them to get through an imposing group like they did in emerging from group play, against the likes of world powers Germany, Portugal and Ghana. He also feels it is possible for their team to have run the table and won four knockout games.

From their, Klinsmann showed excitement when he addressed the opportunity to work out a lot of young talent over the next year or so. His hope, clearly, is to get the strongest and best team possible ready for their next tournament.

Before wrapping the conference, Klinsmann did somewhat challenge his team. He talked about them playing with too much respect and only being willing to take chances and press their opponents when they are trailing. He said they must adapt that mindset while they are tied or leading a contest.

All in all, Team USA took some big steps in this World Cup and now have some successful games to build off of. Hopefully they can progress and take bigger strides in their next tournament.

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