Mr. Michael Bowman is a fifth-grade teacher at Quinn Elementary School in Dartmouth, and thanks to his kind heart and positive attitude, he is May's Teacher of the Month.

Here's what some students and parents had to say about the wonderful Mr. Bowman:

1. I am a student at Quinn and my teacher Mr. Bowman should be nominated for teacher of the month. He should be nominated for three reasons: he is kind, he’s fun, and he treats us like people not just kids. My first reason is that he is kind. He comes to our sports games, never yells, and he moves our seats often to encourage us to make new friends. He doesn’t just teach us; he listens to us. He lets you help other people and other people help you. When he isn’t teaching, he lets you talk to the people next to or near you. Because the position of the classroom we get really hot so he has lots of fans around the room. He even lets us bring in our own desktop fans when it is hot outside. My second reason Mr. Bowman should be nominated for teacher of the month is because he is fun. We do this thing called “Morning Meeting”; Mr. Bowman has a list of people who want to run morning meetings. Say it was my turn to run the morning meeting Mr. Bowman would ask me if I wanted to do it. If I said yes then I would pick a greeting I might pick the shoe greeting, that is when you throw one of your shoes into the middle of the room and someone grabs a shoe and greets the person it belongs to. It keeps going until all the shoes are gone. Next, I chose a “would you rather” unless it's Monday or Friday then you do a weekend share. Even Mr. Bowman does it! After that, I can choose a game, like mum ball or “fishy fishy cross my ocean.” My final reason my teacher should be nominated for the teacher of the month, Mr. Bowman treats his students like people not just kids. Mr. Bowman never talks down to us he talks to us as equals. Mr. Bowman also lets us make dictions or vote on class activities. There you have it three good reasons Mr. Bowman should be nominated for teacher of the month. He is kind, he’s fun, and he treats his students like people not just kids.

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2. While listening to the radio my son heard they were having a teacher of the month contest, my son immediately asked me to nominate his teacher. I could not agree more, I can’t think of a more deserving teacher. Mr. Bowman has a gift like no other, he truly gets to know his students and understands their needs. Mr. Bowman has brought back my son's love for school, he enjoys going to school to learn and talk about sports with Mr. B. We are so grateful for Mr. Bowman; he has a bond with his students like I have never seen before. Mr. Bowman respects his students and will go out of his way to make sure they understand an assignment, he has even attended my son’s basketball games. I please ask to consider Mr. Bowman as teacher of the month, he has changed so many lives and continues to do so. He is a teacher that my son will be talking about for years to come. Thank you!


3. Mr. Bowman is the calmest, kindest, and best teacher there is. He has patience beyond measure. He has made our son's last year in Elementary school the most memorable. He helps the kids work hard and help them realize their potential and believe in themselves.

4. Mr. Bowman goes above and beyond every year for his class. He is a school favorite teacher; every student wants him as their teacher when they move into 5th grade.


5. Mr. Bowman engages his 5th graders in a way that makes learning fun. I have seen so much growth in my daughter's confidence in her weak subjects and continued proficiency in her strong subjects. Mr. Bowman is clearly preparing his 5th graders for the middle school challenges ahead while keeping their last year in elementary school fun and interesting. I cannot say enough good things about him and what he gives to his students.


6. Mr. Bowman makes learning fun and engages his students in the learning process. He teaches 5th grade and works hard to prepare the kids for middle school while ensuring that their last year as elementary students is memorable and special.


7. Mr. Bowman is that teacher that students will always remember. He relates to them on their level. Mr. Bowman LOVES sports, especially the Providence Friars, Boston Celtics, and Boston Red Sox. This love of sports is often a way to connect with his students. He also plays the guitar and shared his love of music with his students, while encouraging them to try their hand at an instrument. He encourages each student to shine. He educates his students in so much more than just academics. He focuses on relationship-building, problem-solving, teamwork, and other important life skills. His mantra is mindset matters. He also supports his students in everything they do. You will often find him encouraging someone to try something new. He challenges his students and helps them think outside the box. When he is not in school you can often find him on the sideline of a basketball court or field hockey game cheering on his students. Dartmouth Public Schools hit the teacher lottery when they hired Mr. Bowman. I am so grateful for the amazing school year my daughter had with Mr. Bowman.

Congratulations to Mr. Bowman for being Fun 107's SouthCoast Teacher of the Month. As the winner of this month’s award, he will receive a $200 Amazon gift card so he can continue to make his classroom a fun place to learn for all students.

A special thank you to our sponsors A&M Driving School, McDonald’s, Bay State Gymnastics Academy, First Citizens Federal Credit Union, and Prima Care for helping to make this classroom even better.

Do you have a special teacher in your life? Nominate them and they could be our next Teacher of the Month!

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