Taylor Swift was on the Graham Norton show recently with John Cleese speaking about their love for cats.

Both Taylor and John are huge cat fans, but when John saw a picture of Taylor's cat, Olivia Benson, he insulted her a bit by making fun of the cat, saying, "How did it have the accident?" Taylor's smile immediately dropped when Cleese continued and asked if Olivia is a "proper cat" due to her smushed face. I think the cat looks adorable but mostly because I don't think any cat is ugly. Then Norton posted a picture of John's cat, a huge black maine coon which was also adorable, but Taylor couldn't help returning the insult by saying his cat looks like a monster!

They continued the conversation on cats but when the other guest star, Kevin Pietersen, said he isn't a fan of cats because he's allergic, Taylor slid away from him on the couch and even Cleese didn't understand his dislike saying, "How can you not be a fan of cats?". Both Swift and Cleese spend the next part of the interview trying to convince him how awesome cats are, saying they're intelligent and unpredictable. Cleese than turns to Taylor saying, "Just like women!". The crowd made a collective "ohh" before Taylor replied, "oh we don't want to do that".

The more I see of Taylor the more I love her! Watch the rest of the video down below.

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