A new restaurant is set to open at the former Cleary's Pub location.

Owner Minh Tieu told Fun 107 that the name of the restaurant will be Traveler's Alehouse.  Minh said that he and his family are avid travelers and have been all over the world. During these trips abroad, Minh said that he's had the opportunity to sample countless dishes from dozens of nations.

"Alcohol, food, and people are from all over the world, and the origins have been around forever. I plan on bringing our favorites to Fairhaven," he said.

In addition to having all of the basic appetizers, sandwiches and pub fare of an American restaurant, Traveler's Alehouse will feature some authentic Vietnamese dishes inspired by Minh's mother. You can also expect steaks to appear on the menu. Minh calls it "global cuisine."

Diners will find the staples they'd expect to see on the menu, and some of those international dishes that the Tieu family discovered in their travels will be included in nightly specials. Minh's dream is for his customers to have the opportunity to taste some of those same dishes he was able to taste while traveling the world.

While a specific open date is not yet determined, Minh is hoping that the grand opening will happen sometime in April, although he is still very much in the licensing phase of establishing the business.

As the restaurant gets closer to opening, Traveler's Alehouse expects to hire 20-25 people.  The openings will be a mix of full and part-time positions. They will be listed on the yet-to-be-launched travelersalehouse.com.

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