Excitement ran rampant in our household Sunday afternoon. For the first time my husband and I attended the Taste of SouthCoast Cuisine and Music Festival. It truly was a beautiful day to attend a festival outdoors. After a seamless check-in process at the gate, we were ready to inhale the wonderful aromas emanating from within the tent arena. We wanted to try any and all seafood samples presented.

Although we enjoyed each seafood creation, one stood out above all the rest. The seafood bisque from Lindsey's Restaurant was truly a culinary delight to my palate. I really enjoyed the creamy smooth base along with the many subtle flavors brought to the fore by the gigantic pieces of crab and scallops. (My mouth is watering just thinking about how this tasted!) I have to admit, tt was so good that I went back for seconds. If you missed this treasure, do not worry! You can visit their restaurant in East Wareham during open hours. I plan to suggest we go this Friday for date night!

In the area of desserts, I can be a hard sell because I love to bake. I am very particular about the type and quality of ingredients I use when baking. Only the highest quality will ensure a delectable product that your loved ones will keep eating long after they are full. This was the case when I tried the chocolate peanut butter bar, crème brûlée topped with a single slightly sweet raspberry, a lemon bar with raspberry puree and a coconut creation with a light creamy vanilla filling which divided extraordinarily light layers of cake from the Artisan Bake Shop. The many explosive bursts of flavors upon my tongue were without equal because although I was eating dessert, the pastry wasn't overly sweet, which is just the way I like it. I can't wait to take a trip to Rochester to experience more culinary creations from others who are passionate about food.

I was so happy to find the results of the voting matched my favorites. Lindsey's Restaurant took home the prize for People's Choice for best food while Artisan Bake Shop won People's Choice for best dessert. People's Choice for best Presentation went to Seafire Grillhouse & Bar.