The new same-day delivery service could be a good thing for your wallet.

Target's same-day delivery service comes to town on April 10th and while some people are excited to have food and home essentials delivered straight to their door. This is great news for people who don't want to drag kids to the store, don't want to go out in bad weather or have to do other time-consuming tasks on their to-do list.

The new online service Shipt, partnered with Target to have what one blogger called "angels dressed in green alien t-shirts"  bring your shopping cart items directly to your door the same day you buy them.

The good thing is that online shopping can curb all of your impulse buying habits. The bad thing is that it eliminates the whole experience of walking in, seeing all your friends, and buying all of the things you think you need because how can you NOT have it?

The same-day service is now available in Swansea but not yet available for Wareham. Check here to see when your local target will start bringing all of your unnecessary purchases to your door. Happy Shopping!

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