Old Rochester Survival Week Begins
It’s been a part of growing up in Mattapoisett, Marion and Rochester since 1973.  Generations of Old Rochester Junior High School students have braved the elements in order to discover nature, to learn basic survival skills in the wilderness, and to bond with their classmates in…
Winter Weather
The winter weather has finally arrived across New England. Ski resorts are opening, plow drivers are preparing and people are getting ready for months of cold.
So what can you do to prepare for another New England winter?
Jagger’s Survival Guide To ‘America On Tap’
Okay so first things first.... We aren't in college anymore. Those days of shotgunning beer cans and chugging that beer bong ARE BEHIND US! Some of us have to get up for work in the morning, or have to take care of their child.
Soooo, I've decided to give you all a little guide to "…
How To Survive A Lightning Strike [VIDEO]
Most people have heard the safety tip that the car is a safe place to survive a lightning storm because it rides on rubber tires, but ironically it is the metal body of the car that protects you from the high voltage.
When I brought our car into the garage to get fixed, I didn't have a ride back to the radio station, so I decided to walk back. Now, I may be making this a little too dramatic, but this is me we're talking about. I don't walk.