The winter weather has finally arrived across New England. Ski resorts are opening, plow drivers are preparing and people are getting ready for months of cold.

So what can you do to prepare for another New England winter?

From storm preparedness to every day helpful hints, here are some ways to make the winter months a little easier to handle.

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    Don't Complain About The Cold

    Especially not now. You are going to be sick of the words "cold enough for ya?" soon enough, so don't add to the annoyance.

    Try not to dwell on the extreme cold or the freezing's not going to make it any warmer to complain about it


    Keep Chapstick and Gloves in Every Coat You Own

    I know I hate it when I reach for my Chapstick, only to find I left it in my other coat pocket (or worse in the pants I just put in the laundry!)

    Stock up now and get gloves and Chapsticks for every coat you own. Then no matter which one you throw on, you're covered for the cold weather.

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    Fill Up Your Instant Que

    I'm not even sure Netflix calls it that anymore, but you know what I mean.

    Winter storms mean days spent at home, on the couch, binge watching and vegging out. So get your binge worthy shows lined up now.

    That way when the first storm hits, you're excited for the chance to watch something rather than dreading the shoveling you have to do afterwards.


    Get Windshield Wiper Fluid

    Winter in New England means salty roads. And all that salt gets kicked up onto your windshield by other drivers.

    Nothing is worse than a sunny, winter day after a storm when the salt covers your field of vision and suddenly there's no wiper fluid in your car.

    Stock up now, so you never have to worry about seeing the vehicles in front of you!


    Keep That Beach Cooler Handy

    When winter storms strike, the power can go out.

    Don't let foods like meat, milk and eggs go bad in the fridge. Stock up that beach cooler with your perishable foods items and get it out in the snow.

    The winter temps will keep it cold and the cooler will keep neighborhood animals from getting your lunch!

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    Have An Emergency Kit Ready

    We all joke about stocking up on bread and milk for a storm, but a real emergency kit with batteries, a flashlight, candles and matches, water, snacks and a cell phone charger you can use in the car is much more handy.

    Putting one together before the panic strikes is always smart, so you can just be ready to go when winter weather heads our way.

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