Okay so first things first.... We aren't in college anymore. Those days of shotgunning beer cans and chugging that beer bong ARE BEHIND US! Some of us have to get up for work in the morning, or have to take care of their child.


Soooo, I've decided to give you all a little guide to "help" get you through what is going to be an EPIC weekend.

Number 1) EAT!!! This is absolutely huge. If you'd rather spend your time tasting beer than hovering around a toilet, you should have a decent meal before you go. I can't tell you how many times my night/morning was ruined by simply not eating.

Number 2) Drink Water!!! What's that rule again... With every drink of alcohol, drink a glass of water. I feel like your freshman year RA reminding you of the basic rule of drinking. But lets be honest, no matter how many times I was told to drink water, I didn't do it. I mean it just weighs you down in the end and I'm trying to fill up on all the booze.

Number 3) Dress Right! Now the weather has been pretty crappy these past few days but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the sun will be shining this weekend. If that is the case, then you can bet I'll be rocking my flip flops, shorts, and a bro tank. This doesn't mean I'm a bro but... a dude's gotta tan right? Oh yeah, don't forget that fanny pack! Hands free is a must come this weekend!

Number 4) MoneyMoneyMoneyyyy! And I'm not talking about credit cards... Make sure you have cash with you at all times cuz let's be honest, you will need cash at some point no matter what. Whether it be to buy your man that extra beer or to order that uber to get your drunk butt home, YOU WILL NEED IT!

Number 5) Watch The Selfies! Okay we all know that anytime people are at an event anywhere, pictures will be taken and selfies will be had. Just remember that you are people living in the 3D world. Try to enjoy the atmosphere just as much as you will posting that epic pic to Instagram.

Oh yeah one last thing.... HAVE FUN!!!!


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