Rosemary Heath

Kindness For George Heath
The Rock & Fox Show surprised GNBVT Students with a Random Act of Kindness to remember the life of former teacher George Heath.
Deputy James Creed – ‘Beyond the Call of Duty’
Plymouth Deputy Sheriff James Creed is going to be featured on CNN’s ‘Beyond the Call of Duty’ in January. Creed took Arthur DaRosa down with a single shot from his personal firearm on Tuesday, May 10, 2016. We spoke to Rosemary Heath, who lost her husband during the Taunton rampage ...
George Heath Superhero Scholarship Fundraiser
From Rosemary Heath: "George loved teaching!  It was definitely the time of his life when he enjoyed every minute. George and I stood side-by-side when a madman came into Bertucci's in Taunton MA on May 10th. The madman was stabbing a young pregnant waitress and we intervened to save her and her unborn child...