In hopes of "Un-Memorializing" her husband, George Heath's Facebook page, Rosemary Heath reached out to the Social Media giant. 

Unfortunately, Facebook has responded with some upsetting news for Heath, stating that they are unable to "Un-Memorialize" George's page due to privacy and security reasons:

"We do not add a legacy contact posthumously in cases when someone did not select one themselves. Even when there are next of kin, Facebook is not in a position to know what the person would have wanted, and we have a responsibility to respect the choices and the privacy of each account holder, even after they have died. Similarly, we do not un-memorialize accounts as part of protecting the privacy and the security of the accounts of people who have passed away." -Vanessa, Product Manager, Facebook

Heath was upset and outraged when she first learned that her Husband's Facebook page was memorialized and that a legacy was assigned without her permission. She immediately began a petition in search of 5,000 names that will be used against Facebook if she chooses to pursue a case against them.

Eventually, Heath's voice was heard by Facebook Product Manager, Vanessa, who then responded back on June 13th, 2016. The full e-mail can be seen below: