Should The FUN Morning Show Run Until 10 In The Morning? [POLL]
We had a few listeners call into the show this morning saying they would love to hear us continue the FUN Morning Show until 10am. Currently, our show runs every weekday from 5:30 to 9am, so would you like a another hour tacked on to kick off your workday, or are you fine with the way it is.
Which Is The Best Portuguese Meat On The Southcoast? [POLL]
Today is the last day of our web guru, B.J., who many of you have heard on the FUN 107 Night Show with Scott and Melissa. He told us yesterday that he has never tried cacoila, so we brought him to Antonio's in the North End of New Bedford. I almost forgot on how many different delicious meats t…
Could Justin Timberlake Play The Riddler In New Batman Movie? [POLL]
Justin Timberlake is known for being an extremely talented man not only taking on the music world but also the acting industry. During a recent radio interview he not only gave props to Ben Affleck who was just casted to play Batman in the upcoming Batman movie, but Justin also said he'd like to pla…

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