What New Bedford Summertime Event Is Best?
Hopefully this is the last snow event of the season, and we can finally start looking forward to warmer weather.
With that said, what summertime even is the best one in New Bedford?
Since it looks like we have lost the Whaling City festival, lets vote on the remaning big summertime events that are lef…
National Pancake Day Is Today
Today is national pancake day and pretty much everyone I know loves pancakes.
I prefer to have mine with just butter and syrup and I like to make my own with some Bisquick rather than the pour and serve kind.
Since today IS national pancake day, lets take a vote on who has the best pancakes in the sou…
Is Brian Really Dead?
A stunning Family Guy episode Sunday night, as Brian the dog got hit by a car and died.  Some Family Guy fans are signing petitions to bring back Brian...some just flat out don't believe his death is permanent.  Stewie destroyed his time machine in the episode, but maybe somehow it ca…
Do You Tip Delivery Drivers? [POLL]
I recently started working as a pizza delivery driver to make some extra money, and the subject came up on the FUN Morning Show this morning about how people may be tipping less or not at all. I'll admit tips can be slow at first, but as the night goes on, some tips can surprise you.
Is Michael Rock A True Red Sox Fan? [POLL]
Everywhere, there are Red Sox fans who say they are fans, but when it comes to buckling down game after game in the postseason, they're not really there for the team, in my opinion. They'll go to bed early, then wake up the next day and look at their phones, or check online real quick, ju…

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