Just like almost every other kid in America, hoverboards are on the top of my kids' Christmas list.  They are rather pricey, and new reports say they could be dangerous.  Will you get them for your kids?  Take our poll.

The new hoverboards are on every kids Christmas list this year...but after a series of house fires, some are also on the watch list of local fire departments.  Fire fighters believe the cause may be the lithium battery that is used to power the hoverboards.  There have only been about 10 incidents nationwide in recent weeks, but is that enought to make you rethink giving these to your children for Christmas?

One Rock and Fox show listener compared me to the mom on A Christmas Story.  "You'll shoot your eye out," she teased.  While the likelihood of the hoverboard bursting into flames seems small, it's hard to shake the image of the 10 year old's bed burned to a crisp.