Jokes for National Nude Day
#NationalNudeDay isn't just for nudists anymore. If you would like to celebrate without getting in your birthday suit, just tell a joke or two. Be the funny guy at the office for a day!
Tooth Implant Opens Beer Bottles
If you're anything like me then you never, ever open anything up with your teeth out of fear that your mother will come running, screaming about how you could break a tooth.  But what if you've already lost a tooth, and your new bionic tooth is made specifically for opening stuff- you…
American Craft Beer Week
This year, American Craft Beer Week will be celebrated May 11 - 17th.  American Craft Beer Week is a chance for you to celebrate a product crafted by artisans all over the country.
Dartmouth Celebrates 350 years With Fireworks
This Sunday, June 8 at around nine o'clock Dartmouth will be celebrating their 350th anniversary with a reenactment of the incorporation and a fireworks display at Apponagansett Park. Loren, Larry and I will be there to get the event going and see the show ourselves...
Tomorrow Is A National Holiday
February 26, 2014 marks a very important day in history.  It has been dubbed 'National Larry Day!'  Today, I celebrate my 36th birthday and I hope all of the listeners will join me.