Friday night we hosted my Aunt, Uncle and my Dad to celebrate my Dad's birthday.

My Aunt, Uncle and myself, take turns hosting holidays and birthdays and this time it was our turn. We decided on Friday night because that seemed to work best for everyone, but that didn't leave me much time to clean up the house since I usually save that chore for the weekend.

My husband and I recently got back from vacation, so we hadn't even unpacked our suitcases yet and the house was pretty cluttered. I thought if my husband and I got home from work early enough, we could clean the house together pretty quickly, but that's not what happened. I didn't get home until 5pm and he didn't get home until 630, the same time our company arrived.

That didn't leave me much time to get the house cleaned and ready to host! I told my husband that "everything we own is being tossed into the office or studio for now" and that's exactly what I did. Those are rooms that no one will see, so I threw everything in there! Then I realized I had some dirty dishes in the sink and the dishwasher was full of clean dishes that I hadn't had time to put away yet. My solution? Dirty dishes go in the oven in a pinch. That's my trick, we don't use the oven much and no one can see in there.

Fast forward a little while to when everyone arrives. Thankfully, I was able to get the house looking pretty decent before anyone got there. But, since my husband got home at the same time as everyone arrived, he didn't know where I had put everything. He went into the studio, where I had hidden a ton of stuff, and opened the door to look for something in front of everyone. Embarrassing! Then, decided to use the oven, where I had secretly hid the dirty dishes! Again, embarrassing! I didn't even know what to say, so I said nothing when my secret was exposed.

The night continued on just fine, we had a lot of fun together and we were even able to FaceTime with my other aunt who lives in Florida and wasn't able to make it to the celebration.

Now it's time to really clean up the house and put everything back to where it belongs!

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