How Much Longer Will Brady Play?
It's a question lots of Patriots fans ask lately. With star quarterback Tom Brady being closer to 40 than 30 it is likely at the forefront of his own mind each season. So as another year of football gears up, Tom answers the tough question.
Woman Quits Smoking After 82 Years
As we in this country continue to come up with new anti-smoking laws like whats going on in Connecticut as Scott explained earlier, I wanna say Happy Birthday to Clara Cowell and just know it's never too late to change bad habits. At 102 years old, she finally quit smoking after picking up…
JR Explains Why Getting Older Isn’t So Bad
I recently had a birthday, and it was one of the "big" ones.  So hard to believe I'm no longer 39.  And with the birthday, came the kidding, especially from my good friend Larry, who's on The Fun Morning Show with me and Mr. Rock.