What you keep in your refrigerator says a lot about you apparently!

I never really thought about it until the other day when my husband told me he posted a photo of our fridge to a website called Reddit. He goes on this Reddit all the time...I've been on it before, but I don't subscribe to it.

Anyway, there's this 'sub-reddit' called A/S/L Refrigerator, where people post photos of their fridge and others try to guess how old they are, whether they are male or female and where they live. He posted ours and the guesses were pretty entertaining, most of them were wrong, but it was funny nonetheless:

"This is amazing... I could seriously look at this fridge all day."

"Female, age 32, lives with boyfriend, and is lactose intolerant"

"I hear you like sauce..."

"So much mayo!"

"This is definitely a shared fridge. I love that there's a "regular" and an "all natural" version of most items."

"One of you is like, "Yah, I got a jar of mayo. Whatevs." and the other is like,"Whole Foods has this really good mayonnaise that uses olive oil instead. It was $7."


"The lone Smirnoff Ice is hilarious. I'm guessing it was left over from some jerk who brought it to a party as a joke."

"Cain's Mayo and Sam Adams, you're New England as f%^&."

Yes, we are "New England as f%^&", you're correct!  Also, spot on with the mayo, my husband likes Hellmann's and I like 'all natural' mayo, so we have both.  Same for most everything else, all natural- mine, everything else- his.  Plus, we aren't even beer drinkers!  All that Sam Adams is left over from when we had friends over and they all brought beer and left it behind!

By the way, I didn't love that this was posted before I had a chance to clean it!  So this post was motivation to clean the fridge this weekend.  Now it's nice and clean with no expired items.



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