A Tabor Academy student found 6-$100 bills on the floor of the Marion Dunkin Donuts yesterday.  Instead of keeping the cash for himself, he did the right thing. The high schooler turned the money into the Dunkin Donuts manager.  A man has since returned to the store and asked if anyone had turned in the money (correctly describing the missing denominations).  Loren and I agree with the boy's decision, but sour Larry thinks the boy should have kept the money for himself.

This caller was wondering if the boy received a reward from the person who lost the $600? Listen here:

Not that a reward is 100% necessary but come on, it's not like he found and returned $20... it was SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS. At least buy the kid a Dunkin Donuts card.

Would you HONESTLY return $600 if you found it?