Police in Swansea have been kept busy with the recent upsurge of clown sightings on the Southcoast.

Lt. Greg Ryan told WBSM's Barry Richard that on Saturday and Sunday they received many reports of suspicious looking clowns, including an alleged incident in the Swansea Mall, but they later discover the reports to be unfounded.

"As time has gone on over the weekend we found out that several of the reports were not true," said Ryan "just young kids posting stuff online."

Ryan says while officers didn't find any suspicious clowns what they did find were many young people at those looking for the suspicious clowns.

"We've showed at a couple of locations where we've heard there's clowns in a certain area and now people are out 'clown hunting,'" said Ryan.

Ryan says these so called "clown hunters" are putting themselves at risk along with law abiding citizens, saying it isn't against the law to simply dress up as a clown.

He says if you do see any suspicious clown activity it should be reported to local police, who will investigate the claim and deal with it appropriately.