A question of Subway etiquette came up today on the show. Do you have to wait in a big, long line to grab a quick soda and maybe some cookies?

I've got a Subway moral dilemma. We are fortunate enough to have a Subway location as our next-door neighbor. One of the major perks is that our studios always smell like fresh-baked bread. This could also, at times, be a drawback, because the delicious smell is constantly making all of us hungry.

All too often, we'll get hungry throughout the day. Instead of always grabbing a sub, we'll grab some cookies, or chips, or maybe a soda. The problem is that sometimes the line for sandwiches is very long. You might end up waiting 10 minutes to grab a cup and fill it with Coke.

It's not that I think I'm any more important than someone waiting for a sandwich, but honestly, if the roles were reversed, I'd have no problem letting someone grab a cookie ahead of me while a sandwich artist is constructing my masterpiece.

Gazelle assured me that I didn't need to stand in line, but every time I cut the line to grab soda--something just doesn't feel right.

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