Party City locations are closing across the country, but perhaps not for the reason you think.

With so many retail stores closing their doors due to low or slow sales, the reasoning behind the closure of 45 Party City locations is a bit different.

Seriously? Who knew?

Seems the lack of the inert gas is hurting the balloon business. And other business too.

I guess helium is used in MRIs, car airbags, weather balloons (just to name a few) and a lot of things are going to be affected by the serious lack of helium.

All I can think of when talking about helium is this State Farm commercial.


But seriously, in the face of a birthday balloon slowdown Party City is taking action and closing 45 stores across the country throughout the year to help the company stay profitable.

No word on which of their 870 stores would go, but it could be one of the stores near us.

There are four locations in Bristol County, Dartmouth, Raynham, Attleboro and Seekonk plus locations in Cranston, Warwick and Lincoln, RI.

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