You may know this about me, but if you don't, here it is...I love weddings and everything about them!

So when I saw this post I had to share it. Yahoo posted a list of the five strangest wedding trends and one of them I am absolutely in love with.

1.  A donkey: How random... donkeys at a wedding. Some people thought they would serve a great purpose to carry the beer around so voila! We now have donkeys at weddings.

2. Social media: Do you want everyone to know everything about your wedding? Hire someone to manage social media accounts that revolve solely around your big day.

3. "Unplugged" weddings: Are you tired of everyone on the guest list tuning into their phones instead of the ceremony. Just require all your guests to turn their phones over to you so all the attention is where it belongs on your wedding day.

This one is probably one of the meanest trends but could be useful if done correctly.

4. "You're not invited": I'm not sure if I could ever send these out myself but for those of you working with a strict guest limit and do not want to hurt any feelings sending these out could be helpful. Just simply state, we would love to have you but we just don't have enough space at the venue.

And finally....

5. Pink wedding gowns!! This is the trend I love! I had a pink wedding dress and that is my favorite color, so I am totally on board with this!

If you're in the midst of planning your wedding right now, have fun!!  Hopefully you find these trends helpful!