Do you believe in the paranormal?

Do you believe in spirits or that there is such a thing as the afterlife?

I choose to believe it, and I got quite the scare this week when my cat started acting unusual.

My Fun 107 morning show cohost Michael Rock, however, is more of a realist and believes there’s a logical explanation.

I managed to capture Marley’s behavior on camera, so I’ll let you decide what to believe after watching.

It all started when I was watching television in bed. I noticed my cat, Marley, staring at the wall beside me. I followed her gaze, but I didn’t see any bugs, shadows or lights from outside that she could possibly be staring at.

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A few more minutes went by and Marley continued to stare at the wall motionless with her eyes fixated on something I simply was not seeing.

After a few more minutes, Marley climbed over me and onto my nightstand to get closer to the wall, and now I was officially creeped out.

I took out my phone and began recording her odd behavior.

“There was probably a mouse in your wall,” Michael said this morning.

I guess it’s possible, but I didn’t hear a sound coming from that wall. No scratching or rumbling of any kind.

Michael wasn’t impressed with my video and was dead-set that there is a logical explanation, but in my opinion, something paranormal was at work.

The hair on the back of my neck tingled as my cat quietly sat on my nightstand, staring at the wall for what felt like hours.

I’ll let you be the final judge. Is this paranormal or just a weird cat?

Okay, time to hear from you.

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