It could look very empty in your local Stop and Shop if union workers at the food store chain decide to strike. reports that the union representing Stop and Shop workers across New England are still trying to negotiate a labor contract with the supermarket and if an agreement doesn't get reached soon they could call for a strike.

They may even go on strike as early as Sunday, when the current contract expires.

Talks have been going on since January but no agreement has been reached and according to, the two sides are still pretty far apart on major issues.

Seems the company wants to reduce pensions, increase health care payments, freeze wages, and get rid of premium pay for holiday and Sunday work for it's nearly 10,000 unionized workers.

The union representing them, UFCW Local 1445, has been updating people on the neogtiations on their Facebook page and have been asking members to talk with shoppers and get their support.

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