Winter days got you down? Starting to get that cabin fever? These stay home spa day products could help you shake off the winter blues with some serious pampering.

While treating yourself to a mani/pedi is nice, it’s not always easy to do in the winter.

Cold days and shoeless feet don’t exactly go hand in hand…but you can treat yourself right in the comfort of your own home. And you can do it without breaking the bank.

Amazon has some amazing products that have users raving…and you can buy a bunch of them to put together your perfect pampering day. And you can do it for less than the cost of that mani/pedi.


    PIXNOR Facial Cleansing Brush

    This all-in-one cleansing brush can exfoliate, massage and more!

    You can use it to get rid of blackheads, exfoliate away dead skin cells from your face, feet and elbows or just throw on the massage head and give your skin a youthful glow!

    The brush has over 2,000 reviews and nearly 70% of them are raves.

    And best of all the brush is just $19! Totally worth it.


    Dr. Pedicure Foot Mask

    After you exfoliate your heels with the PIXNOR brush, you can take that pampering up a notch with the Dr Pedicure Foot Mask.

    The before and after photos on this products are crazy! And over 1,700 reviewers love this product...and it's $13 price tag.

    You basically wash your feet, put on the Dr Pedicure booties, wash the mask off after an hour and then watch the dead skin cells fall off your feet for days!

    The words wow and weird are used quite often in the reviews for this one.


    Skinfood Black Sugar Mask

    Amazing skin from sugar? Apparently yes.

    Black sugar is rich in vitamins and nutrients and can moisture the skin in a matter of minutes.

    You simply rub the mask on, then wash it right off and you've exfoliated the dead skin away and also helped get rid of blackheads and acne.

    And at $9 for 100g...seems worth it to me.


    ASUTRA Aromatherapy Mist

    Every good spa day requires relaxation. So if you want to wind down, but can't seem to shut your brain off...this aromatherapy mist can help.

    The ASUTRA 'Pure Soothing Comfort' was created by yoga and meditation gurus...and they know how to relax.

    The mist combines lavender and chamomile, both pretty relaxing on their own. Spray some on a pillow, then lay back and drift off to dreamland!

    You can nab this 'premium' mist for $15 on Amazon.


    Body Back Scalp Massager

    Another great way to relax is with a massage...and this scalp massager is said to work wonders.

    You've probably seen one of these at the mall, but having one of your very own is much nicer.

    And for just $6, you can get this one on Amazon.

    Perfect for relaxing muscles and improving circulation, you can use it on your own head or perhaps pamper someone else.

    Over 60% of the product reviews are raves, with the biggest complaint being snagged hair for those with longer locks.

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