You may have seen Justin Timberlake's Instagram post of himself casting his vote early in Memphis...well it's apparently getting him into some hot water with authorities.

Justin Timberlake Instagram

Seems "ballot selfies" are illegal in many states, including here in Massachusetts.

Though Justin was just trying to get the word out about the importance of voting, it is illegal in the state of Tennessee (where Timberlake is registered to vote) to take photos or video from inside a polling location.

And it's not the only state that makes pictures in voting booths illegal.

Ballot selfies are against the law in Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

The states all have varying laws, but it all basically boils down to not being allowed to snap and share on social media you (or anyone else) voting.

In MA, photos of mailed ballots are also illegal.