It looks like spring is finally here!  That is exciting news for many of us who like to spend time outside and welcome the season.Spring is when I head out to the yard and clean up the mess that was left by 'Old Man Winter' and get ready to host a party or two.  This year will be our first without a swimming pool. We decided that it wasn't getting enough use and we took it down to make use of the area a different way.  I picked up some cement pavers and built a patio and used the old pool deck as a place to put a gazebo and spend some time using the space differently.

Here is what it ended up looking like:

Neal White/Townsquare Media

Another thing I like about spring is changing out the wardrobe. Putting the heavy winter coats and sweaters away in the attic and pulling out the spring and summer clothes.  If your family is like mine, you also like to shop for some new clothes.  We tend to use spring as an excuse to head to Wareham Crossing to pick out a new wardrobe.


The whole family does very well at Wareham Crossing, there are stores for all of us there. I love to head to JCPenny and grab the latest fashions for men, my wife is always shopping in The Loft and the kids have plenty of stores to shop.  Some of us even head over to Michael Waynes Salon for a new hair style.  I always do well there too, when it comes to doing some work in the yard, it seems like Lowes is my home away from home! Spring has sprung its time for you to get out and enjoy the great weather New England has to offer for the next few months, do some yard improvements and maybe pick up a new outfit or two.