Over 30 dogs surrendered to the National Mill Animal Shelter have arrived in Massachusetts. Now, these specialty breeds are in need of forever homes and the SouthCoast seems to be up for the challenge.

The Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem recently took to Facebook to let locals know that 33 specialty breed dogs had arrived at their shelter. That's a lot of dogs to take in at once, so spreading the word was important to ensure they wouldn't have to wait long for adoptions.

Seems that is not an issue, because once these adorable faces were out to the world, the adoption applications came rolling in.

However, the Salem shelter did point out that these dogs needed state-mandated quarantine time as well as observation for any medical issues to be assessed and attended to. So adoption isn't happening immediately and there is still time to apply to be one of these dogs' new owners.

Often shelters see mixed breeds and animals all too often labeled mutts. This new intake of dogs is a different story.

Among the breeds they have recently welcomed are Huskies, Shiba Inus, Shihtzus, French Bulldogs, Doodles and a Pomeranian. The dogs were all born in "puppy mills" where oftentimes conditions are rough. There is overcrowding, poor medical care, lack of socialization and more.

Luckily these dogs were helped by the Animal Action Team and rescued from their terrible situation. They can now find loving homes right here on the SouthCoast.

You can learn more about supporting rescue efforts of "puppy mill" pets like these here and keep scrolling to see some of the cute furry faces now waiting for adoption at the Northeast Animal Shelter.

See the Specialty Breeds Available For Adoption in Cape Cod

After being surrendered by a commercial breeding facility, over 30 specialty breeds of dogs have made their way to the Northeast and are going to be available for adoption soon. See some of the sweet faces looking for forever homes.

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