I watched the show on Netflix. I bought "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" on Amazon. I admit that I have started the process several times within the last year and never actually seen it through. Now that we are under an official advisory to stay home due to the coronavirus from Governor Baker, I really don't have an excuse to put it off any longer.

Marie Kondo has gone viral for the KonMari method, which is meant to declutter homes and keep things organized. Seriously, if you've never seen Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix, the COVID-19 quarantine is the perfect time to binge-watch this amazing show. There are only six episodes, so you can finish the entire series in a few hours.

The point of this particular process is to be extremely mindful of the items that you are choosing to keep and expressing gratitude for the items you choose to part with. An individual is more likely to feel better about donating or tossing an item out if they verbally thank it for serving its purpose. If you acknowledge that something brings you joy, you feel justified in keeping it.

Since you now have more time to read, I suggest downloading the book on your Kindle or ordering the physical book for delivery before starting. That way, you can fully understand the process and how it is meant to work for you.

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