Looking for some good news today? We may have it for you.

It seems that we may have already lived through the most miserable day of 2021 here in Massachusetts.

Each year, the website wiki.ezvid.com publishes its predictions for what will be the most miserable day of the year for each state. The site's predictions are based on data gathered from a survey of 3,000 Americans about their moods. They also look back over the average Massachusetts temperatures and rainfall/snowfall from 1980 through 2016.

The site has formulated an algorithm that takes the data and predicts what the most miserable day of each year will be.

The best news is that according to the site, we've already made it through the worst day of 2021. It was on January 12.

We looked back at the weather for last Tuesday, and it was actually pretty nice. If you remember it was an extraordinarily quiet weather week here on the SouthCoast last week. Our weather was chilly that day to start, but we ended up warming up to the mid-40s that day with sunshine.

While the weather was nice on January 12, there was plenty of misery online on Facebook. There was endless arguing and blame being passed around online about the incident at the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. the week before. President Trump was set to be impeached the following day, causing even more bad blood between Americans.

Locally, though, we got the news that the Buttonwood Park Zoo lost its Canada Lynx. We also found out that New Bedford Day 2021 was going to be canceled in Fort Myers, Florida.

The news is not so great if you live in Rhode Island. The Ocean State's worst day of 2021 is still yet to come, and it's not coming on an ideal day: Valentine's Day.

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