Even though today may be National Pancake Day, this adorable little girl has a craving for waffles and cannot stop thinking about them. The video is hysterical, and it got us thinking.  Where are some good spots for waffles here on the SouthCoast?  God forbid, if this little girl visits the SouthCoast and doesn't find waffles...she is going to have a meltdown.  We took an informal poll of some callers into the show this morning.  The list below is what they shared.  Get out the butter and syrup!

Where are the best places right here on the SouthCoast to get some waffles? Here is a list of some of the places to find the most delicious waffles around:

-The Pheonix (Fairhaven)

-Persy's Place (Dartmouth)

-Margaret's Restaurant (Fairhaven)

-609 Locust Street Kitchen (Fall River)

-Gina's Restaurant (Fall River)

-Courtyard Restaurant (Fairhaven)

-Whaling City Diner (New Bedford)

-Village Cafe (Dartmouth)


Additional Reporting by Madisyn Bozarth


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