I'm not sure how it happened, but I somehow fell into a rabbit hole of fun last night when I started reading random reviews from tourists about SouthCoast attractions.

While there were about a million positive reviews about these attractions that we know and love, obviously it was the negative reviews that were the most humorous. I read a few of my favorite examples on the air this morning.

Heather Dej visited the campground at Horseneck Beach last summer. Was it the wide-open ocean view that left a lasting impression? Maybe the delicious restaurants that dot the wild, picturesque seacoast?


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"We were not impressed by any means," wrote Heather. "We frequently camp at state parks but this one is literally 1 big open parking lot with no privacy, no trees and you get a beating by the sun. We were excited to be by the beach for the day but the beach is all rocks and not enjoyable. Wouldn’t recommend this to anyone."

We'll happily take your reservation for next year, Heather.

Lele from Columbus, Ohio decided to take a little stroll on the Cliff Walk in Newport. If you've never been, it is a rare glimpse at the backyards of some of the most breathtaking mansions on the planet, most of which were built over a hundred years ago during the Gilded Age. They were used as backdrops for decadent films like The Great Gatsby.

Apparently, Lele doesn't appreciate this era of history, because she wants the Cliff Walk shut down.

"It was the most dangerous thing I have ever done," wrote Lele. "I feel it is extremely reckless not to warn people of the danger of the Cliff Walk south of The Breakers. My husband and I barely managed to survive it without serious injury. Will it take a death before they warn people?"

Poor Nancy D. She decided to go check out Fort Taber in New Bedford. While nearly 90 percent of the ratings left by tourists were either "Very Good" or "Excellent," Nancy couldn't get past the fact that there were dogs.

"Nice view, but not worth going if you like stepping in dog poop," wrote Nancy. Nancy says it was the "Worse (sic) day of my life. And stepping in dog poop is not fun when you have sandals on. And the fort caves smell of urine. Not worth my trip."

Hard to argue with her about the sandals.

Here's audio of us talking about the reviews this morning on Michael and Maddie:


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