Ahh, it's a beautiful day for an ice-cold brewski, and what better time to celebrate than on National Beer Day?

According to National Today, "Every April 7 is National Beer Day, a time where we can raise a toast to the oldest and most venerable of all beverages. People have been making beer for over 5,000 years; in fact, the oldest recorded recipe we know of is for beer."

Throughout the SouthCoast, I have a few spots that I frequent that I enjoy throwing a beer or two back. Between the selection and the vibes, each bar or restaurant knows exactly how I like to relax and to me, that's everything. I'm someone who enjoys a solid craft beer and if the place is constantly rotating the selection, then that's just a bonus in my book.

I love a good food pairing and what goes better than beer and wings? Give me a good dive bar that has beer anyway and I'll be satisfied. There are times when you want to spend some time with friends and enjoy a good beer and then there are times when you just want to relax by yourself. Either way, as long as there's an ice-cold beer in front of you, you're good to go, my friends.

These days of the pandemic, it's not recommended to "pub crawl," especially since you'll have to eat food everywhere you go (talk about a full belly) but hopefully, this will all be over soon.

So, in honor of National Beer Day, I'm going to share with you all my top seven places you will most likely catch me at.

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