Have you ever been at a local restaurant and wished they would sell one of their products? We don't mean their prepared meals...we mean some of the sauces and sides that really stand out.

You've probably heard of Ken's Salad Dressing. Ken's was just a family owned steakhouse in Framingham, Massachusetts. Their salad dressing recipe was so popular...they became known more for their salads than their steaks. Now, they distribute over 60 different flavors of their salad dressing around the world.

When I was going to Syracuse University, there was a BBQ shack downtown that was wildly popular with the students and residents, alike. The Dinosaur BBQ's sauce was so good...they decided to distribute it to supermarkets like Stop and Shop (although I haven't seen it available there for several months).

This got us thinking about local, SouthCoast restaurants that could do something similar.



  • Facebook.com/ St. James Irish Pub
    Facebook.com/ St. James Irish Pub

    St. James Buffalo Sauce

    Saint James Irish Pub- Fall River, MA

    With the perfect balance of spice and flavor, the wings are amazing at Saint James Irish Pub in Fall River.

  • Blue Point/Facebook
    Blue Point/Facebook

    Blue Point Gravy

    Blue Point Restaurant- Acushnet, MA

    The perfect companion to your chicken, mashed potatoes, or pretty much anything else because it's that good.

  • Boom Boom Shrimp
    Boom Boom Shrimp

    Spicy Tunisian Harissa Chili Garlic Sauce

    Barrett's Waterfront- Fall River, MA

    The Spicy Tunisian Harissa Chili Garlic Sauce at Barrett's Waterfront is the perfect sauce to accompany their signature Boom Boom Shrimp.

  • Cask and Pig Cornbread
    Cask and Pig Cornbread

    Cask and Pig Cornbread

    Cask and Pig- Dartmouth, MA

    Not too moist, not too dry, the cornbread at Cask and Pig is just as good as their entrees.

  • Texas Roadhouse Facebook
    Texas Roadhouse Facebook

    Texas Roadhouse Cinnamon Butter

    Texas Roadhouse- Dartmouth, MA

    Let's be honest--the real reason we all go to Texas Roadhouse is for the cinnamon butter to put on the amazing rolls they give out.

  • Pub 99 Cheese and Crackers
    Pub 99 Cheese and Crackers

    99 Cheese and Crackers

    Pub 99- Dartmouth and Fairhaven, MA

    If you've ever eaten at the 99 Restaurant, you've probably tried the cheese and crackers. In my personal opinion, 99 should release some type of "cheese and cracker kit" in stores so we can get our fix.

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    NYAJ Dipping Oil

    Not Your Average Joe's- Dartmouth, MA

    The best way to start your visit at Not Your Average Joe's is with a little bread and sauce. The oil served at Not Your Average Joe's pairs perfectly with the bread, and has an awesome, peppery kick to go with the Parmesan cheese.

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    Mezza Luna Sauce

    Mezza Luna- Buzzard's Bay, MA

    If you've ever gone into Mezza Luna in Buzzard's Bay, then you'll know that the tomato sauce that typically gets cascaded over your pasta and sided with the great mozzarella sticks.

  • Salsa from Frontera Grill
    Salsa from Frontera Grill

    Frontera Salsa

    Frontera Grill- Fairhaven, MA

    Right in Fairhaven is one of, if not the, best places to get chips and salsa. With amazing flavors like the ones found in their salsa, it's amazing that they haven't started selling the stuff.

  • 10

    Pasta House Mozambique Sauce

    Pasta House- Fairhaven, MA

    The Mozambique sauce at the Pasta House in Fairhaven is amazing. With it's perfect balance of spice and sweet, this sauce is worth trying.

  • Knuckleheads

    Knuckle Head's Coleslaw

    Knuckle Heads Restaurant- Downtown New Bedford, MA

    Coleslaw can be a hit or miss with most restaurants, but over at Knuckle Heads restaurant in Downtown New Bedford, it's worth making the trip there.

  • 12

    DNB Sriracha Ketchup

    DNB Burgers- Downtown New Bedford, MA

    Perfect on any menu item there, the sriracha ketchup over at DNB Burgers is worth using when you're there. With a great use of both spice and tomato flavors, the sauce is great on their fries and burgers alike.

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    Tequila Lime Queso Cheese Sauce

    Tequila Lime Cantina- Fall River, MA

    A creamy cheese dip paired with warm tortilla chips, the queso cheese sauce served at the Tequila Lime Cantina brings a tasty Mexican flair to the typical run of the mill restaurants found around here.

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