When the cold of winter starts to really sink in, there is nothing cozier than warming yourself by a fire. If you can add in eating your favorite comfort foods while sitting by that fire, then the cozy factor goes through the roof.

For many of us, eating by a fire is not something we can do in our own homes. Luckily, there are plenty of restaurants from Sandwich to Swansea that are serving delicious food and drink hearthside this season.

There seems to be something about a fire that just gives off romantic vibes. Maybe it's the soft firelight glow or the warm air it blankets you in, but fires are often key in romantic plans.

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Scientists have even studied the romance of fires and found that fires lower people's blood pressure, stimulate their senses and make them more social. If you have ever sat around a fire with friends, I think you would agree all of that is true. So if you want your date to relax and open up, booking a fireside table could be perfect for you.

So whether you want to book that romantic fireside table for you and your significant other on Valentine's Day or just want to take the family out for dinner with a bit more atmosphere, we have found restaurants across the SouthCoast and beyond that offer lots of fireside options.

Dinner with fireplace and waterfront views, bars with a blaze and lots of craft beer, even historic taverns with hearths older than the entire country, this area has them all.

SouthCoast Restaurants Offering Fireside Dining

When the weather gets cold, nothing sounds better than warming yourself by a fire. Unless, of course, you also get to have dinner and drinks by that fire. Luckily, there are plenty of restaurants on the SouthCoast and beyond where you can ease your hunger while sitting hearthside.

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