If you've had a chance to catch any of the Netflix documentary on former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, one thing you probably noticed was that it is packed with local references and people.

One person that repeatedly appears in the documentary is Bristol County Sherrif Tom Hodgson, who speaks in-depth about the football player's time at the Bristol County House of Correction, including a jailhouse fight that Hernandez called on.

New Bedford lawyer George Leontire, who was part of the Hernandez defense team, is also interviewed in the documentary. In courtroom scenes, you can also spot Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn.

Multiple local news and sports anchors repeatedly appear in the documentary including former ABC6 Sports Director Ken Bell and current ABC6 Sports Director Nick Coit.

There are also many interior and exterior shots of the Fall River Superior Court on South Main Street.

One Fun 107 listener wondered if Aaron Hernandez might have been listening to the Back in the Day Café during his stay in Dartmouth.

"So, you may already know this but I wanted to tell you just in case you had not heard. I watched the Aaron Hernandez documentary on Netflix last night. I believe It was in the second episode he is talking on the phone to one of his friends and he mentions songs and he says they have this thing called ‘Back in the Day’. It was when he was in jail in Dartmouth. I was like OMG, he's talking about Fun 107.  Really sad story to watch, I actually ended up feeling really bad for him. He still was a murderer but still sad."

We searched through the second episode and found what the listener was referring to at the 21:55 mark. Hernandez is talking with one of his Florida Gator college teammates, Mike Pouncy. We slightly edited the quote to drop references to the "s" and "n-word," which Hernadez used several times in the phone conversation.

Aaron Hernandez: "I be sitting in my cell, and songs be coming back. Because they have back in the day songs like (expletive) from when we was like back in college. And they be playin' that (expletive), I be thinking of so many memories, yo. Word to everything, man."

After watching the documentary, one thing that is for certain is what an avoidable tragedy all of this was. Why someone with so much going for him would throw it all away is unthinkable.

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