The SouthCoast is pretty good with parking overall but over the summer I have definitely found some parking situations that are less than desirable.

You would come to expect parking to be a pain up in Boston and even Providence but on the SouthCoast we have a few locations I think we can all agree are always a pain.

Let's set aside the fact that many of us have a hard time parallel parking; even just pulling into a spot can be a tight squeeze. We took to Facebook to see what parking situations you have run into on the SouthCoast that are less than ideal.

Here are some spots that are pretty obvious ones, as suggested by our Facebook commenters:

The Feast of the Blessed Sacrament is a given. Anywhere near the Feast is a madhouse when it comes to parking. Luckily, it happens only once a year for just one weekend, and is totally worth the parking headache.

St. James, St. John's School in New Bedford is another one. While school is in session this area can be an absolute nightmare for parking and traffic. For those that either have kids that go to this school or have to commute through this area, you know that it's tough going.

Downtown Fall River in the winter can be a mess. Parking spaces during this time are like gold. The things people do to mark and save their spots in Fall River during a snowstorm are so creative.

Brooklawn Park is a hard place to find a spot during softball and baseball season. I used to live directly across the street from this park so I can relate. There just isn't enough parking during the season and people start parking on the side streets. I have even heard of people parking in others' private driveways.

Sconticut Square in Fairhaven, where Fun 107 is located. If you have ever come to pick up a prize, especially on a Friday afternoon, you know not only is it tough to get in and out of our parking lot but the parking lot is almost always full from all the great businesses located in our plaza.

The cobblestone roads in downtown New Bedford are always a tough place to find a spot. Although this has eased up a bit since the pandemic started, I recall it being a pain to get a spot and then having to pay the parking meters. Sometimes it's just easier to park at the Elm Street Garage and walk.

I just know there have to be some glaring spots on the SouthCoast I'm missing. If you know of one, send it my way or share it under this story on Facebook.

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