You don't think that all of a sudden Bill Belichick is going to show up to a game wearing a suit and tie, do you?  He always wears a Patriots sweatshirt with the sleeves somehow altered according to the season and tempeture.  That makes him somewhat superstitious don't you think?  I would be willing to bet that if you asked him, he would say yes.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Hmmm, I wonder if Tom Brady gets a little superstitious as he approaches game day.  I'm sure there is a routine he follows the morning of every game, never mind  playoff and Superbowl games.  He has said that one thing he does do, is go to bed early the night before and he's up early the morning of a game.   We know that his diet is very restricted and that he seems stick with whatever hairstyle he starts the season off with.  If his hair is longer when the season starts, he will not cut it short during the season.  That's being superstitious.

Elsa/Getty Images

What about Gronk?  He says he's not, though he goes into every game day the same.  Does that make him superstitious?  Kind of :)