Dressing rooms are something I used to take for granted but now appreciate more than I ever thought possible. It’s one of many things that I missed during quarantine. I prefer to try things on in the store so I know for sure if it will work for me or not before making a purchase. That’s a simple pleasure that I was denied for the last 15 months.

I am not a fan of online shopping. Yes, it can be quick and convenient but I have not had the best of luck with this experience in the past and the pandemic just confirmed my stance on this topic. As a 2021 bride, I’ve had several events to shop for recently. Not just for the wedding gown, but for a dress to wear to the bridal shower and the rehearsal dinner as well. With dressing rooms being closed up until the state of emergency was lifted on Tuesday, June 15, I had no other choice but to consider online shopping. It did not go as planned.

The dress I considered for my rehearsal dinner that I ordered from Amazon was less than ideal. The dress took three weeks to arrive even after paying for expedited shipping. And the style looked a little off on my frame. It was a beautiful dress, but it just wasn’t for me. I thought I could just bring it to Kohl’s for a simple return, but I was wrong. This particular item had to be sent to the manufacturer in China. This girl paid $65 to have it mailed out. I believe the company will reimburse me, but we shall see. Needless to say, I’m a little hesitant to buy anything online after that ordeal.

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I'm glad to see that fitting rooms all over the SouthCoast have started opening up again. And they wasted no time as swimsuit season is upon us and I need a new bathing suit ASAP. There is no way I'm risking ordering online again.

If you’re wondering which stores have dressing rooms open, closed, or any restrictions whatsoever, we called around to see what details we could find for you. Here is what we know so far:


  1. American Eagle - Open
  2. Children’s Place - Open
  3. David’s Bridal - Open, by appointment only
  4. Express - Open
  5. H & M - Open, COVID protocols in place
  6. Francesca’s - Open
  7. JC Penney - Open on the first floor only
  8. Kohl’s - Three rooms open
  9. Macy’s - Open
  10. Men’s Wearhouse - Open
  11. Old Navy - Open
  12. Target - Open
  13. TJ Maxx - Open
  14. Torrid - Open
  15. Track 23 - Open, COVID protocols in place
  16. Victoria’s Secret / Pink - Closed, TBD
  17. Walmart - Open


  1. Marshall’s - Open


  1. Target - Two temporary dressing rooms open
  2. Walmart - Open

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