Some companies choose to promote items with billboards, and others choose to put those items right in the palm of your hand. One Somerset restaurant got a little creative on promoting an unreleased item by adding a mystery sandwich to random to-go orders.

“Someone seems to be randomly adding these to orders today,” posted TnT Coney Island to its Facebook page. It was an image of a carefully wrapped item with “Coming Soon” written across the top. The hot dog restaurant explained it was an unreleased item and would be randomly added to orders for the time being.

But how would you react if you saw an extra item in your to-go container when you got home?

“I would immediately check to see if I was charged for it,” Michael said.

Michael wasn’t sure if he would even eat it, but Gazelle said he would give it a shot. If I saw a random item in my order, I would have to open it, but like Michael, I would be hesitant. How am I supposed to know what’s in it? I tend to be a visual eater, so if it looks good, chances are I’ll give it a try. But a mystery sub of any kind has the potential to be dangerous territory.

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Some people offered guesses to the item, like chourico and peppers or a meatball sub, but the owner, Rui Costa, managed to clear a few things up for me.

“Well it’s a hot dog because that’s what we do here,” he said. “But no one knows what the toppings are. The only people that know are the staff.”

He and his team will continue to put the secret dogs into random orders for the next several days before they launch it on the menu.

For now, only a few lucky customers have been able to see behind that parchment paper.

If you saw this wrapped up in your bag, would you give it a taste test?

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