Do you have an ex that is running from the law? Do you want to do something about it? The Somerset Police Department has the perfect Valentine’s Day special for you.

Somerset Police are getting attention online for their unique “special offer” that they advertised on the department's Facebook page ahead of Valentine's Day. They aren’t exactly spreading love, but rather giving people a chance to break their ex’s heart one more time if they fit this description.

Paired with a picture of handcuffs in the shape of a heart, the department writes, “This Friday evening’s special includes free transportation, a three-night stay in our luxurious (five star) accommodations, Valentine's happy meal dinner and a special set of bracelets. All this can be yours for the price of a phone call.”

A number of our SouthCoast police departments have a humorous presence on Facebook, but this especially is gold.

If your troublemaker ex thinks they are going to be enjoying a weekend of love, you can squash those plans with a simple phone call.

I have a feeling that the SouthCoast will be taking Somerset Police up on their offer after one woman called into Michael and Maddie to report her ex who owes her $90,000 in child support. Yeah, I think that man deserves a Valentine's Day in those “special bracelets” the department wrote about.

The comments on their offer are even better than the offer itself.

Amy Conlin said, “OMG I’m dying laughing at this right now! I almost wish I had an ex with a warrant!!!”

Stephanie Lynn’s comment was my favorite, though, when she said, “Let me know when you run a special for exes with codependency and fear of commitment…I’ll keep you busy for days.”

So if your ex has been dodging a warrant like they dodge commitment, call the police, pop a bottle of champagne, and rest assured your ex is where they’re supposed to be. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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