Somerset Police are giving SouthCoast drivers a heads up about big changes to an intersection that may catch some off-guard.

The department took to Facebook Wednesday afternoon to share the news, noting that four-way stop signs had officially been added to the intersection of Riverside Avenue, South Street and Dublin Street in Somerset. But their announcement came with a little heads up, as well, because as you can imagine, drivers who have been traveling through this intersection for years may be caught by surprise at the sudden appearance of a few new traffic signs.

"We understand that in the short term, this will take some getting used to. Long term, public safety will be enhanced," the department wrote. "In the meantime, the Somerset Police Department will be keeping a visible presence at the intersection to help increase awareness and traffic signs will be used to warn drivers."

Luckily, officers will not be giving out citations for missing the stop sign quite yet as drivers get acclimated, but that shouldn't give drivers the excuse to ignore the new signs willy-nilly.

Formerly, the area only had one pair of stop signs on the South Street corners of the intersection. But as you can see, it was a little tricky to see very far beyond the intersection from those stop signs to spot an oncoming car.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The new four-way stop will hopefully add a little peace of mind for those traveling through the area and allow them to fully see fellow drivers.

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