Gender reveals are becoming more and more creative by the day.

Somerset's Nikki Moniz and Rick Hansen, Jr. were recently blessed with the wonderful news of a pregnancy this past year. This will be the couple's second child and they are already over the moon in anticipation of meeting their baby.

Last weekend, Hansen and Moniz decided to take a little family trip up to New Hampshire to a town where fireworks were permitted to buy and ignite them without having to obtain a permit. Family and friends gathered as the couple decided to find out their baby's gender in the most radical fashion: by setting off fireworks. Here's how it went:

Now, I've watched this video countless times and the color I see keeps flip-flopping. For the most part, I see pink, but I also see hues of blue as well. Over and over again, my eyes are deceived from the real answer, and that is a baby boy for the Somerset locals.

If you recall, the last time the internet went nuts over a color scheme was for the infamous dress that showed itself as either blue/black and white/gold. Then came the pink/white and grey/teal shoes that to this day still boggles me. Now we have a new contender in the ring and I'm ever so curious to know what your eyes tell you.

These fireworks are supposed to be blue, but again, I'm seeing a lot of pink vibes throughout the video. Nobody was hurt during this fireworks display and we don't encourage anyone to try this at home, especially in Massachusetts.

Lastly, I believe congratulations are in order for Hansen and Moniz as they add one more member to the family. Let me know your thoughts, what are your eyes telling you? Do you see pink or blue? Shoot me an email at, I'd love to hear from you.

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