Here's a sneak peek at the upcoming demolition of the cooling towers at Brayton Point in Somerset.

We told you about the three smokestacks that had a controlled demolition this past weekend in Somerset, but what will it look like when the huge, 500-foot cooling towers fall to the ground one month from today?

Neighbors of the Brayton Point plant have been wondering how much dust and smoke will be kicked up during the controlled demolition. Some local roads and highways will be closed as demolition time approaches on April 27. We decided to look on YouTube for similar demolitions that have already taken place.

Here's one with three cooling towers tumbling down. Obviously, not an exact match because there is one additional tower than our setup in Somerset, but still not a terrible representation of what we can expect on April 27 when the towers topple down.

The most unique part of the Somerset cooling towers demolition is that someone is going to get a chance to be the person to take them down. There are raffle tickets being sold for $20 dollars apiece with proceeds from ticket sales going towards the Fall River Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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