To Whom It May Concern,

I am a work-from-home parent of two small children who happened to notice that you have chosen not to run your 30-Hour Coffin Challenge at Six Flags New England this year. While I am certain you have your reasons, I can tell you that I am not happy with them.

This “challenge” is kind of every mom’s dream. Thirty hours left alone in peace and quiet with no one asking you for anything. And you took that all away? Sure, I didn’t find the thought of eating bugs or drinking chicken food milkshakes very appealing, but over a full day alone in my own space? I literally wanted you to sign me up, especially after being home with both young kids for the last year. It was the alone time I had been longing for, but it is all gone now.

Sure, Fright Fest is back and Halloween lovers are happy, but not this mom. How else am I supposed to get over a day all to myself and have a legitimate moneymaking reason for doing it? Honestly, I think I might have let you keep the $600 cash prize. I just wanted to get away from everything for 30 hours.

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Maybe that is the reason you have chosen to skip this event for 2021. Maybe too many of us are looking for an escape from life and at this point 30 hours in a coffin doesn’t seem so bad? I mean, the thing is open from the shoulders up and participants get bathroom and meal breaks – how bad can it be?

I guess I will never find out. The event has been canceled for yet another year and moms like me have to simply keep dreaming about ways to get a day all to themselves. Sigh.

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