Deep in the woods of Little Compton, off the beaten path of Coldbrook Road, is a road less traveled.

But you'll be glad you when you do travel it.

The Simmons Mill Pond Management Area is a 2.3-mile loop trail that brings the curious wanderer through the thick sticks of Rhode Island with the most breathtaking views of Simmons Pond. Got an hour to spare? This trail is perfect for kids and people of all ages.

The trail is comprised of two different pathways: Farm Site Loop and Amy's Loop.

Along the path, you'll find educational posts and signs and, if you keep your eye on the sky, you'll pass by a bunch of handmade birdhouses. There's no time limit or closing times listed, although Buzzards Bay Coalition says on its website that hours are dawn to dusk. All are welcome to venture.

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Got a fur friend who enjoys going for walks, too? Good news: Simmons Mill Pond Trail is dog-friendly, just as long as you keep them on a leash. Also, bring your waste bags if you have them, but feel free to use the "fecal flingers" that are located throughout the trail. Just fling into the woods and carry onward.

As far as the difficulty, it's very easy with only one small incline on the way back up the loop, close by the parking lot. The pathways are wide and there are benches to rest on scattered throughout the scenic property.

Find a small flat rock on the ground? Give it a skip once you arrive at the quicksand pond and wetland area of the trail. It's quite breathtaking, to say the least.

Now go and get lost and give yourself a mental break that's just a hop, skip and hike across the Massachusetts/Rhode Island line.

Simmons Mill Pond Trail in Little Compton Is the Perfect Excuse to Get Outside

Take a walk through the thick settled woods of Little Compton that will take no more than an hour from your busy lives.

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