I'll be 25 this May. While I consider myself a very mature, hard-working individual, there are still a few things I could improve on. Here are a few questions I've been asking Google:

  1. How to fold a fitted sheet
  2. Can I claim myself as a dependent?
  3. Can I put half a sweet potato in the microwave, or do I have to cook the whole thing?
  4. How long can I eat Kraft Easy Mac without dying?
  5. How long can I go without an oil change after the light comes on?
  6. Do I really need to know how to change a tire if I have AAA?
  7. What is considered a 'good' credit score?
  8. When should I start a 401K?
  9. If I make "$___/year," how much of that should I be saving?
  10. Should I refinance my student loans?
  11. Can I eat raw cookie dough, or is that like, not a thing?

Ok, some of these were just for fun, but you get my point. I sometimes feel like I'm behind on this whole "adulting" thing and it kind of sucks that I'm embarrassed to ask questions that I really need answers to.

There's a program in Portland, Maine called The Adulting School. Millennials are taught how to cook, pay bills, do laundry, etc. While not every 20-something needs this class, I know a few people on the Southcoast that could benefit from such a program. And it would be nice to have a way to learn how to do such mundane tasks in a fun, social way...and not feel like we are failing at life because we don't already know how to do them.

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