When I get asked if I'm a cat or a dog person, I have a hard time answering that. I absolutely love dogs, their loyalty, their personalities, and just overall companionship.

Today, however, is for the cats. Let me start off International Cat Day by saying that I'm allergic to cats. Yep, did the whole allergists test on my back and it's cats and dust. This, however, does not stop me from petting them and just loving all over them. I actually had rescued a kitten from a baseball field that was climbing a billboard and I was so scared it was going to fall.

Once we got that kitten home, boy did it want to play and jump around. It was after I got it home and it decided to pounce on my face in the middle of my night that I found out I was allergic.

Something about cats' sassy attitudes reminds me of myself. Yes, just like them, I can be a little diva. Some cats truly think they have nine lives and get super adventurous; that's so me as well! Some are temperamental. They want you to pet them one minute, and next thing you know, they are clawing and hissing at you to leave them alone.

Cats also have it made. Most chill out all day just laying around in "their" spot. Since I don't have a cat, I had to call my best friend whom I, in the kindest way, call the "cat lady." She loves her babies and I just think they are the most beautiful divas ever.

BTW this is my friend Deanna Cruz's beautiful cat.

Courtesy Deanna Cruz
Courtesy Deanna Cruz

I would absolutely love to see your cats. Send us some pictures of your furballs on the Fun107 app. That way I can celebrate International Cat Day through your photos!

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