I think we all know how Antonio Brown would answer this question, but what do Patriots fans think?

The New England Patriots are off to a 6-0 start this season. And though that is incredible, is it sustainable?

The last few weeks have been seriously sloppy on offense, leading some fans to wonder if they can keep the win streak going.

Don't get me wrong, I think the Patriots are an incredible team and are clearly at the top of the NFL this season.

But are they as strong as they could be?

In the last three weeks, Brady has thrown 3 interceptions and had two games with 0 touchdowns to his credit. Very un-Brady.

And I think the lack of solid options on the field is the issue.

Other than short passes to White and long passes to Edelman, where can Tom go on a regular basis and know his guy is going to be there ready to make a play? Nowhere if you ask me.

Sure Dorsett has had great games, Izzo played well against the Giants last night and Michel gets some decent runs in. But I think the team could use one more go-to guy.

They're missing the Gronk factor this season big time.

The guy could block on plays and typically was doubled teamed by defense, making it easier for another player to be wide open.

Now there is the ability to be more man-to-man with this team and the mistakes are happening.

Missed catches, dropped balls and interceptions seem a lot more common and it never really feels like the offense gets in a groove.

Maybe I'm over analyzing things here. Or panicking after a couple of shaky games.

But I would think the goal this is season isn't to get to 6-0 or even to 16-0. It's to win another Super Bowl right?

And the way things look right now, taking on another really good team in the playoffs with the offense playing the way they are doesn't make that goal seem like a given.

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