I'm so relieved to finally be doing my radio show every afternoon out of the Fun 107 studio on Sconticut Neck Road. Getting to see the crew in person instead of meeting online just helps keep the energy high, and believe it or not, it helps me focus.

With all that said, so much has happened in the first week I have been back. Protests are happening nightly and I support those peaceful protests and the courage behind those taking part.

It didn't surprise me that Michael Rock and Gazelle wanted to attend the protest and feel the energy and stand and support the Black community. They have always stood for the greater good.

I'm proud to say I work with them, but then I turn on my television and see that a college football player,  Amen Ogbongbemiga, has tested positive after attending a protest in Tulsa last Friday, even though he protected himself with a mask.

I'm not a worrywart by any means but I can almost bet that social distancing was pretty difficult to attain at these protests in New Bedford.

If there is one thing I know, it's that Rock is a clean freak. I personally witness him thoroughly washing his hands several times daily so I know he wouldn't be foolish. The same is true with Gazelle, but seeing as COVID-19 is the invisible enemy, I'm beginning to think we should make them get the test after they'd been part of such a large public gathering.

By the way, as a flight attendant that hasn't flown since March, I would expect them to want me to get the test also if I took to the friendly skies again.

What do you think? Should I insist that Rock and Gazelle get the test? Would you?

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